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What's a show with a great series finale?


I'm a little disappointed with the last season. It was good like the rest of the show was good... but it was routine. It was the same formula as it was all along, and two new characters for the very last season, I mean they were good and all, but I wish they could have just done more with the ones they had. And they crammed all the significant action into the last episode (you could argue the last 2 or 3.) And no Cuddy for the last episode?! That was the biggest bummer.


Ending such a SUPER LONG show has got to be ridiculously hard, though. It's nearly impossible not to Seinfeld it.

What show do you think ended really well? I'm trying hard to think of one. I usually tune out by the end of these shows that go on forever (which is why I'm just now finishing House.) As for my other favorite series... Doctor Who never ends, Spaced and Firefly ended far too early, I was done before the last season of Scrubs. I can't even remember what other shows I loved til the end. I'm sure I'm forgetting something.

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