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American Holiday Weekend Edition! Me & Mr. 4th are hosting a BBQ on Saturday & I’m getting our menu in order. I’ll show my list below.


*3 racks of pork spare ribs with the dry spice rub applied tomorrow

*6 lbs~ chicken thighs & legs and 2 lbs chicken breasts. All chicken marinated in lemons, limes, garlic, olive oil & salt. Spices on top when it’s time to grill.

*3 lb London Broil. Poked with a fork & rubbed down with olive oil & coarse salt on the day of.

*2 lb Grilled Venison. The good cut Mr. 4th saved in the freezer from the season. Most likely treated in teriyaki style


*HOT DOGS for later, over the yard fire when the drunken hungries hit, plus rolls. And pickles & condiments!

*Tuna Noodle Salad, apparently my Greatest Hit :)

*Homemade crockpot baked beans

*Potato Salad. (Also, how in the hell did raisins happen?? Never in my lifetime have I ever seen them there. Raisins? Thumbs down in cookies; disgusting in potato salad. Okay, maybe in cookies but THAT’S IT)


*Steamed vegetable salad with fresh mozzarella & balsamic dressing. Because there HAS to be cheese, dammit. I’m not doing a cheese plate appetizer because of the predicted weather. Normally I’d make a tomato, basil & mozz thing as a side salad, but tomatoes are still shitty, nationwide.

Baby Girl is bringing my favorite dessert! Another lovey is making Key Lime Pie, with real Key Limes....I’m so lucky:)


What’s your list? Need a recipe? Have a recipe? Bringing something to a BBQ? Please share :)

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