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Hiya, everybody! What do you have on the stove or grill or in the oven or crockpot? A restaurant or take out meal for you today? Delicious leftovers?Do you need a recipe or have one to share? Please include pictures & links :) ETA: I’m having computer/kinja problems, so I’ll check you all later. I can’t even seem to “star” things properly ;(

I am not cooking today. I’m going to a charity corn~hole tournament at one of the beach bars near me, put on by one of my friends. I do not play corn~hole so I’m going down the cocktail~hole!

Mr. 4th left this morning for a week long fishing trip with his cousin & I’m really happy he went. Last night we ate some of the stuffed clams we made that were in the freezer. Still delicious!


Another looooooong work week, so me & my assistant had a cheesy olive appetizer~y dinner one night. I love when I can expense dinner :)

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