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Welcome To The Bitchery

What's cookin?

ETA: For those who asked, the cake is:

-a thinish bottom layer of regular chocolate cake

-a layer of chocolate mousse

-a layer of whole strawberries, sliced in half

-a layer of hazelnut chocolate mousse (made with nutella and a heap of crushed hazelnuts)


-a layer of dark chocolate ganache

Is there a GoT threa yet? I have A LOT OF FEELINGS!!!!!!!

Im’ma be honest...I kinda think I deserve an award for this cake/mousse/ganache strawberry and hazelnut-filled monstrosity. It’s 90 degrees in my kitchen, and it still mostly set.

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Dinner tonight is our last Feast of Ice & Fire of the season, so I kind of went crazy! Smoked turkey legs, Cornish hens, whole roasted carrots in garlic butter, tiny purple and red potatoes, baked brie, and chicken and wild rice soup in a sourdough trencher.


I’ll DEFINITELY be going for a run tomorrow.

Is anyone else having a GoT finale party? Big Sunday dinner plans? Eating pretzels and calling it a night?

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