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What's cookin'?

It’s hot as balls, you guys. What is your go~to hot evening supper? Crockpot, grill or stove? Personally, I don’t use my oven from June to September unless it’s a baking emergency. Need a recipe or have you cooked something good this week? Peektures & recipe links, please:)

Me & Mr. 4th caught 2 Fluke last night, which is a summer flounder. As I’ve said before, because they’re hard to catch to meet the size limit, they’re a real treat. I caught 2 shorties and almost had Moby Fluke, but he got away!


I made this dish for Mr. 4th to take out on the boat tonight. It’s pan fried fluke in buttah & lemon over sautéed spinach, mushrooms & onions in olive oil, red pepper flakes & garlic. Little gold cherry tomatoes from a hanging pot in my yard. He was going to go out fishing again tonight, but wound up napping & whatnot in my bed after a long week at work & a full day of overtime scheduled tomorrow. He had dinner in bed:) He’s still there. He made a cheese and cracker appearance but I missed him with my Pokeball!

I’ve got gold & red beets on the stove and potato salad on deck.

What’s cooking’?

ETA: Last night’s sky & our little skiff.

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