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Is anyone hosting Easter Dinner tomorrow? Bringing something special to attend one? Did anyone host or bring something to Passover Seder? Need a recipe? Any good cooking or take~out going on? So many questions!!

I’m making dessert to bring to my sister’s house tomorrow. Strawberry shortcake & brownie buns.

The cake will look kinda like this but with less strawberries on top. I think the one pictured is overkill. I make a white cake with fresh whipped cream & fresh strawberries.


The brownie buns are just brownies baked in a muffin pan. My secret ingredient is a shit~ton of Reese’s Pieces candy. The reason they are superior to a pan of brownies is you get that chewy edge all the way around. They look like this but with a candy color explosion!

What’s up in your kitchen today?

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