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What's cookin'? (and open thread)

Tonight it’s a leftover cold chicken or grilled cheese & tomato sandwich. I made brownie pucks last night & have a half dozen left. YAY for chocolate as a TV snack!

Mr. 4th brought home a pound of local sea scallops last night because they’re my fave & he wanted to help me feel less awful/angry about the fuckery of this past week. He’s sweet. Sea scallops are very expensive. A real treat.


I seared them in bacon fat, garlic & a bit of olive oil in a cast iron pan. Side of asparagus, brown mushrooms & broccoli sautéed in butter with a little parmesan on top. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND FRYING SCALLOPS IN BACON FAT!!! Fuckin’ delicious.

Friday & most of yesterday I canned summer tomatoes. I did 25 lbs this week & 25 lbs about 3 weeks ago. I did 25 lbs last summer and we were hoarding them, so I made double this year. I like to share, so we had a running joke about if a person was “tomato worthy” enough to give a jar to, like Seinfeld’s “sponge worthy” :)

50 lbs of tomatoes made 28 pints this year. I don’t do quarts because a pint is enough for one pound of pasta at a time, which is usually enough. Time consuming, but so worth it when the weather turns & good tomatoes are nowhere to be found. I’ve said this before, but they’re like summer in a jar.


As per advice I got here on GT last year, I now squeeze a little lemon into each jar because the acidity of modern tomatoes isn’t guaranteed. Acidity content is why you can use a water bath method instead of pressure. I also put a large basil leaf, a little salt & a little chopped garlic in each jar, too. Someday I’ll get over my fear of pressure cookers & get one so I can do other fresh summer vegetables, too :)

What’s cookin’? Whatcha doin’? Let’s chat!

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