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What's cookin'? Chowdah!

I know it’s late for this in the Eastern states, but hey, so what.

My freezer was a hot/cold mess, so I cleaned it out today. Seriously...I’m a jackass. The door was a bit ajar a year ago when I went away for a week & the refrigerator was all wonky when I came home. The freezer took the brunt of my jackassery & boy, I’m paying for it now. Freezer Clean Out!!


The only things I saved were the clams. Clams I dug myself; steamed & shelled with broth. Plus, 12 meatballs because they are delicious and time consuming to make. Mookie & Walligator stole a bag of frozen peas out of the open freezer door because it is nose level & why not? They abandoned their crime because peas. Anyway, CHOWDAH!!!

What would you salvage from your freezer dungeon to cook? What are you cooking tonight?

ETA: BRUCE just came up on my radio....”Throws his lover in the sand..”

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