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Hey, friends. It’s been awhile since we cooked together. Even if the world is burning we still need to eat, right?


Making food is a kind of therapy for me in addition to being a creative outlet. I have a shit~ton of older people that need feeding, too, so many weekends are spent cooking up a storm. This weekend was no different.

Tonight I’m eating leftover beef stew. Pictured is not my stew, but close, and I like to eat it over egg noodles even if there are potatoes in it. Carbs are my friends! Sometimes I use barley instead of potatoes, but always lots of carrots & green vegetables.

I also made pinto bean soup & vegetable lasagne with bolognese sauce this weekend. And fucking delicious brownies.


What are you cooking ( gimme pictures if you can)? Have a recipe or need one? Anything else you wanna talk about?

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