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I’ve been slammed with work (yay!) & missing you all.

Hiya, friends. This election cycle has me feeling anxious & ashamed; it takes up most of my emotional life in a terrible way. It will continue to do so until election day. That night, whshew boy, is going to be a giant relief or a pack my bags & run type night.

Let’s mitigate with food!

Lasagna night with the Mr’s kids! I swear, the fucker weighed at least 10 pounds.


CHEEZE!! I roasted a Butternut Squash and mashed it into the ricotta mixture. Fucking delicious. Also, 2lbs of ground beef, 2 lbs of ricotta, 2 lbs of mozzarella, 1lb of sausage, mushrooms, zucchini, carrots, onions and enough garlic to make your heart sing. Home~made marinara, duh.

No peektures of the finished lasagna because it was attacked and devoured. I had saved a piece for Mr. 4th”s Mom....I had to call her tonight to tell her I ate it. NOT SORRY!!! She’s getting the grilled chicken & Spanish rice and the pasta, sausage & broccoli rabe I cooked tonight, tomorrow. I’ve made up for my sins:)


WHAT’S COOKIN’???? Again, I’ve missed you all :)

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