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I aspire to only spend $125 on milk

If any of y’all thought me cooking dinner looked like Donna Reed swanning about the kitchen in a graceful dance of checking sauce pans and julienning onions... Holy shit, you should have seen me having a mental breakdown making Chicken Kiev. I was already stressed, and I suck at making chicken super flat, and the stress from the day wasn’t helping me be gentle, and the pieces had to have no holes, and they all ended up with holes, and... Mr Cunning came home to me sitting on the couch and drinking my second glass of wine.

ANYWAY, on the menu this week:

  • Enchiladas (no particular recipe, since this is just me using up leftovers)
  • Kielbasa and Cheese Straws from Food Wishes
  • London Broil (on the grill, which Mr Cunning insists will not make it London Broil anymore, but whatever, he’s still cooking it)
  • Chicken Pot Pie from Two Peas and their Pod (but with store bought pie crust because I still haven’t perfected a timely pie crust)
  • Lasagne with no ricotta because fuck ricotta. The boy shall be making this, because anyone who loves lasagne should know how to make it.

Note the lack of flat chicken this week.

So, what are you cooking? What recipes are you on the hunt for?


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