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What's cooking, GT?


This week, we’re doing one of the things I dread doing: A freezer purge. I hate doing them because, in general, the stuff left over in the freezer is stuff I’m less enthusiastic about cooking. Also, I have to remember to defrost everything, which UGH.

Also, the boy was bummed that he’d be limited to joining me on the freezer purge when it came to picking his meal. Welcome to the real world, buddy.


This week:

  • Sweet Hot Mustard Chicken from Food Wishes. Bone-in chicken thighs are one of those things I always over-purchase for some reason.
  • Chicken Kiev from Food Wishes. Since Mr. Cunning insists that it’s so very easy and I was being a whiny baby, he gets to make it for me. I either get delicious chicken, or I get to be proven right. I’ll take either.
  • Hot dogs with cheese sauce (Serious Eats). I figured this will be a good chance to introduce the boy into the joys of adding sauces to meals to up the awesome.
  • Steaks and salad, presuming I didn’t hallucinate those steaks somewhere in the depths of our freezer.
  • Tacos using Alton Brown’s Taco Potion. Yay for freezing whole batches! Thank you, past Katie!
  • Freezer BBQ, from god knows where.

So, what’s cooking for you? Any recipe recommendations you have or that you need?

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