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Welcome To The Bitchery
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What's cooking, GT?

Every time I buy frozen pie crusts, I think of this meme.
Every time I buy frozen pie crusts, I think of this meme.

Hello, everyone! What’s everyone cooking this week? Is there a recipe you’re hunting for, or that you just want to share because it’s awesome?


Our new kitchen experiment is growing herbs in our kitchen. I realized that there’s a small number of herbs that we seem to need regularly, so why not get a plant or two rather than a pack of sprigs that just go bad because I only ever need a tiny bit?

I started with mint, because after the bombs go off, the earth will be populated by roaches and mint plants. The two plants I got (mint and lemon mint) are doing great on our bar, which gets pretty good light in the afternoon. Today, I bought a thyme plant since I swear I’m buying that every other week.


The boy and I made cheesecake on Sunday, and once again, I think he thought that the whole thing was going to be way simpler than it was. He still gets a bit flustered, but I swear, some of this information is actually sinking in.

On the schedule this week:

  • Smashed burgers! I love this style of burger way more than the thick burgers. The boy couldn’t come up with a meal this week, so he’s helping with this one.
  • Easy French Dip from Buns in my Oven. I swear, I could not love this recipe more.
  • Korean Fried Chicken from Food Wishes. This is a great recipe, and anyone who is not scared of frying should try it.
  • Guacamole and rib eyes for a party. Mr. Cunning is also Mr. Guacamole, mostly because I can’t be bothered to deal with avocados.
  • Cheap cassoulet from Food Wishes. Same technique, but with ingredients that don’t cost crazy money.
  • And I am taking a day off this week. Dinner will be ice cream and wine.

So, what’s cooking with you?

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