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What's cooking, GT?

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I have two picky eaters and a spouse who strongly dislikes a few things that I dearly love. This is me at least once a month.


One of the things I’m on the hunt for is a recipe for cookies / biscuits to go with coffee / tea. I love Biscoff biscuits, but they tend to come to me half-crumbled. Also, if I can bake something, that means I can have it whenever I want, even if the family tears through what’s in the bin.

What I’ve tried so far:

  • Homemade Biscoff: This is NOT a dupe for Biscoff, but they are tasty. If you like cinnamon without tons of sweetness, you may like these. I would roll them thinner than what the recipe says, though.
  • Moravian cookies: NOPE. I think the ingredient amounts are wrong, because these literally game out like gummy cookies.
  • Crispy Ginger Cookies: A winner! Easy to put together and actually kind of crispy. I’ll probably double up on the spice the next time, because I like my ginger to punch me in the face.

I’m still on the hunt for recipes for crisp / solid cookies that can go with morning coffee or afternoon tea, so if you have them, post them!

On the menu this week:

  • I’m introducing the boy to the slow cooker with Chicken Burrito Bowls. Mr. Cunning is going to make some homemade refried beans (Food Wishes) to go with it, and I’ll try not to screw up the Spanish rice recipe (again).
  • Meatball subs, because I was smart enough last week to make some meatballs and freeze them.
  • Meatloaf, because, again, I was smart enough last week to prep this and freeze it. (Also, Lipton’s meatloaf is the best COME AT ME, BRO)
  • Fried chicken from Food Wishes. I’m doing this in my fryer because I am not farting around with a thermometer and our dutch oven.
  • Steaks and onion rings! I might make a pan sauce if I’m feeling fancy.

So, what are you making? On the hunt for a recipe? Found something great?

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