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On Prime Day, I got a sous vide. I get SUPER bored in the summer because we can’t turn on the oven, and even have to be careful about how long something is on the stove (learned that the hard way when I had three pots going for 30 minutes). While I love my slow-cooker, after a while, everything starts to taste like mush. Also, I’m not huge on grilling.

So, the sous vide seemed like another good option. It doesn’t heat up the house that much, and even if it does, I can run it from one of our cooler rooms, if need be.


I got it. I used it. I started accosting random people and asking them if they’d heard about our lord and savior Anova.

The first thing I made was chicken breasts, mostly because I haaaaaaate chicken breasts. They come out dry, and everyone who has smugly told me that THEIRS doesn’t come out dry has Stockholm syndrome or something, because it is NOT NOT-DRY.

So, I cooked some bone-in chicken breasts for four hours, then re-seasoned them and tossed them on a super-hot pan. And they were fucking amazing. Juicy. Flavorful. Worry-free.

Not my photo, but this is what it looked like! Credit to Serious Eats

Mr. Cunning was dubious because the meat wasn’t bone white (it was a very, very light pink/yellow, but more like chicken that had been brined to high hell than underdone). In his mind, the only color a chicken breast should be is white, and the only texture should be stringy. Otherwise, you die. He ate it anyway, because it was god-damn delicious.

Since then, we’ve done steak (amazing) and pork tenderloin (again, amazing). Today, I’m making some egg bites for dinner.


So, what’s going on in your kitchen this week?

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