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What's cooking: Summer whine edition

I hate summer cooking. I haaaaaaate it. You know why I haven’t posted? Because everything is SO BORING. Like, my little notebook has had NOTHING new in it for WEEKS because I have to limit myself to what doesn’t heat up the kitchen too much (and we learned that, yes, even too much stovetop action can do that). I’m tired of stuff from the slow cooker and I’m even getting tired of the deep fryer. DARK TIMES, Y’ALL.


On Prime Day, I snapped and bought a sous vide, because at least now I’ll have a new toy to play with, which is exciting.

Anyway, I’ll stick to the things that I’ve found that have been quite good:

  • Chicken carbonara from Cafe Delights. This was a HUGE hit. I mean, it’s cheese and bacon. How could it not be a huge hit?
  • Breaded pork chops from Panlasang Pinoy. Holy crap, these were good. They had a country fried steak kind of texture to them.
  • Chicken marsala from The Kitchn. I had bought a bottle of marsala wine for another recipe, only to find out that the blogger had left out little details like amounts, oven temperature, and time. This was an excellent way to use some of that wine up.

And that’s all I’ve found :\ Hopefully, I’ll have some sous vide experiments to share with everyone soon.

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