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In the past year, I’ve become a bit of an obsessive meal planner. It started because Mr. Cunning would ignore the ingredients in the fridge on his day and buy new ones, leading to a lot of wasted stuff.


From there, it grew into a whiteboard of meals planned out by day, with a place to request dinners to go into the rotation, and a loose plan for the next few week in my journal. Dinners have also gotten a bit more elaborate than they were before, which was meat with spices and some veg on the side. I’m not sure why I started giving a fuck, but here we are with me grating two cups of parm for some chicken alfredo.

Anyway! Fellow meal planners! Whatcha got on the docket this week? Let’s share recipes!


My stuff:

  • Chicken Alfredo - A favorite. It’s called “lighter”, but that doesn’t mean diet. My man Chef John doesn’t do diet.
  • Pad See Ew - A new one. I’ve never cooked Thai food, and I couldn’t find the right noodles because our global market has a Thai issue or something (they literally hid the section with all the Thai stuff). I’m hoping that our local Thai restaurant will sell me some noodles or something, otherwise, we’re going with some skinny noodles I found.
  • Buffalo Nuggets - I made a double batch of these a few weeks ago. They’re DELICIOUS. My only tip: Make the chicken goo in batches if you’re doubling up.
  • French Dip - French Dip is life, and this is a super easy recipe.
  • Pork Tenderloin Sandwich Thingie - Mr. Cunning likes making this on the weekend. Another delicious one, though it’s more steps than it seems.

So what do you have coming up?

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