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What's cooking this week?

Me and risotto. Why you gotta lie, Pioneer Lady?

I’m a big time meal planner, mostly because I love to try new things, but that takes some serious thinking ahead. Also, I feel like if I can get dinner on the table, I have my shit somewhat together. The second I realize that dinnertime has been slipping, I feel like my life is starting to spiral a bit.

No lie: I can usually tell if I’m starting a major depressive episode by how many times I’ve desperately ordered delivery at 7PM that week. Even my therapist knows to watch out for this.


Anyway, here’s what I’m making this week!

  • Crock pot carnitas from Iowa Girl Eats
  • Italian beef sandwiches, also from Iowa Girl Eats (Mr. Cunning found a new blog he likes, apparently)
  • Coq au vin from Food Wishes (didn’t quite get to it last week, but the stuff keeps, so whatever)
  • Pad see ew with egg noodles from Hot Thai Kitchen (since my search for ho fun noodles was a bust 😢)
  • Butter chicken from Dinner then Dessert (Gonna test this on the kids, since they liked Tikka Masala)
  • Rib eyes, because our Wegmans sells some amazing packs of rib eyes, and we want to kick off grilling season.

And yeah, my slow cooker is getting a workout. We cooked in the oven this weekend, and Mr. Cunning was miserable due to the heat it was putting it out. Damn polar bear.

Aside about Tikka Masala: I asked the kids what they thought of it, and they both agreed that it tasted like tacos. I thought of protesting, but then realized, wait, the spices do overlap quite a bit... so now I’m thinking about adding garam masala to our taco meat next time we make it.


Anyway, what are you making? Post your dishes for this week, or request a recipe! Personally, I’m looking for more recipes that I can use my fryer or slow cooker for. With summer coming, I need to use my oven less, since it heats up our middle level in a hurry.

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