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What's cooking this week?

Shot of the meal planning page from my journal.

The weather is truly heating up around here, and our kitchen is situated in such a way that an oven can heat up the whole damn house in just thirty minutes. Because of this, I’m opening up with a request for recipes that use a slow-cooker, the stove-top, or a deep fryer. I have a bunch, not enough to see me through the next five months or so.

Anyway, the picks this week!

  • Mongolian beef from The Woks of Life. I bought an ass-ton of soy sauces for pad see ew, and I have to get into the habit of using them more often.
  • Waffles, recipe probably from the back of the box.
  • Spagetti and meatballs (we are on the edge this week, aren’t we?)
  • Sticky Chicken from Food Wishes. Mr. Cunning requested this, and I’m in mourning for my poor taste buds :(
  • Spiedies from Food Wishes. These are apparently an upstate New York thing, and they’re quite good. Taking bets on if Mr. Cunning remembers to get a new gas canister so he can actually make these.

And what’s the boy cooking? His request, this week, was that I teach him how to make cheesecake. Since a well-done cheesecake can win over many a heart and mind, I feel like this is a good lesson to impart. Also, we’ll get cheesecake.

So, what’s cooking for you? Any requests? Anything you want to share?

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