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This hits too close to home.

This week, we had a new challenge in the Cunning house: Teaching the boy to meal plan. He has to cook one meal, got to pick another one, and had to make a shopping list for all the rest of the meals I picked out. Then, we went grocery shopping for everything.

It went... shockingly well. I was expecting there to be some resistance and some moaning about it being boring, but he was attentive and interested and even made some judgement calls that made me proud. Maybe this kid won’t starve to death after all.


Last week, I tried two recipes from a Mr. Cunning find, Iowa Girl Eats. Holy shit, both were crazy bland. I’m not someone who normally calls stuff under-seasoned, but I had to basically throw all the sauce and salt on the meals to make them edible.

On the plan this week:

  • Meatball subs from Rachael Ray (well, the meatballs, at least). The boy is cooking these, but was disappointed when I told him that I wasn’t letting him use frozen meatballs. He can use them after he learns to make a meatball from scratch.
  • Hot dog bar (boy pick) (Cheese sauce from Serious Eats). TBH, I was kind of shocked he didn’t opt to cook these.
  • Tacos from Alton Brown. Just the seasonings. His taco recipe asks you to make your own taco shells, and that’s too fucking extra for me.
  • Chicken kiev from Food Wishes. Fuck yeah hidden butter!
  • Burrito Bowls from The Kitchn. Made these before, and they’re quite tasty. I recommend cooking the rice separately.
  • Duck Leg Adobo (but with thighs because $$$) from Food Wishes. I swear by all that is holy, I WILL make these one of these days. I will NOT let this get booted off the menu board again!

So what do you have going on? What sort of recipe might you be looking for?

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