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What's for dinner?

The youngest and I are having Mr. B's New Orleans' style BBQ shrimp (which isn't bbq, at all, it's heaven, though! read that recipe, it's bonkers with butter even after I cut it to about 3/4 of a stick) with spicy zucchini (sprinkle slices with cayenne, black & white pepper, salt and a bare hint of cumin before roasting or sauteeing, then finish with the sinful shrimp & sauce). Oh, and a cuke salad with balsamic-dijon vinaigrette to cut the butter a bit. Totally on-point with my daughter's favorite meal AND my low-carbing (which is going well enough to have presented me with a great problem: jeans don't fit).(Only on Atkins can a recipe involve a stick or three of butter and be called "dieting.")

UncleK is shellfish-allergic, so he'll have a steak & baked potato and salad.

We're kind of whupped after a softball double-header today but this faaaaannnnnncy little surf & turf will go together in about 30 minutes, which is a huge plus.


What's going on for you tonight?

ETA: Time to cook & watch a movie, carry on and don't hate me if I don't reply, AuntK Out!

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