I love food. I enjoy talking about it. Talks about food is relaxing and enjoyable.

Today I used up all sorts of leftover veggies from the week. I prepared them all the same way- sautéed in butter with either garlic (whole clove then picked out) or shallots. I did this with rainbow carrots, fresh peas, and baby zucchini and summer squash. Mr. Carbs grilled corn on the cob on the grill. Then he cut it off the Cobb. Oh yeah and I made guacamole. Then it was build your own veggie and rice bowl, with white rice. And lots of hot sauce cause that’s how I play. Now I have heartburn cause I am a stereotype of a pregnant lady but also because I can’t find my peppermint tums and so all I have is nasty fruit kind (already taken one) and I don’t wanna take any more. And get OUT of here with telling me to change my diet it ain’t gonna happen just let me bitch.

What’d you eat?