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What's for dinner - and OT!

I feel like I have had a revelation in discovering putting roasted things on salads. It started with putting roasted garbanzos on a greek salad (OMG - so amazing) and then last night, I put roasted fingerling potatoes, garbanzos, and onions on a vegetarian caesar salad. So delicious!!! The recipe is from plated, and is here if anyone is interested.

I want to find some good flats to wear with skirts/dresses this summer - and have decided that these shoes (below) will solve all of my summer shoe woes. But I don’t want to spend $140 on them! So now I am on a desperate hunt to find similar shoes. The weird thing (super weird thing) is that I was born with club foot in both feet (like this, but my toes were touching my knees), and during my entire childhood, I had to wear saddle shoes during the day and tight knee boots to sleep in. Now I am obsessed with saddle shoe-type shoes and boots (I love boots). So bizarre.


Anyway, tell me what’s the haps with you? What are you obsessed with and what childhood roots does it have? (JK, unless you wanna). Also, what are you eating? Also, tell me about your favorite salad - I need more (vegetarian or adaptable) salad recipes for the summer. I also need some salad dressing recipes (the salad dressing in the recipe I linked above is delish - but so unhealthy).

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