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It was"Serve Yourself" night at the Smacks House, tonight. We're running low on options, and there's a little bit of this, and one of these, etc. So everyone had something different.

I had this frozen sausage and cheddar biscuit... thing. It wasn't bad, but the biscuit part was weirdly dry and kind of gritty. I also had a handful of dried apples.

The Quiet One (12 year old son) had leftover roasted root veggies and Triscuits.

The Bean (11 years old) had a couple of handfuls of cinnamon sugar tortilla chips, some chocolate almond milk, and a packet of oatmeal.


The 9 year Old (no clever name, as yet) had some tortilla chips with chocolate peanut butter, the rest of the veggies, and chocolate almond milk.

The resT of the circus isn't home, so they get to fend for themselves!

So, Tell us, what's for dinner, GT?

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