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What's for dinner, GT?

We had an odd assortment of delicious things, here.

I made a lamb leg roast with garlic and rosemary, but it's mostly fat and bone, so I was very disappointed. The bits of meat I did get off of it are delicious, and it will make amazing stock later, but I am sad that there isn't much meat.

I also made roasted potatoes by chunking up 5 good sized potatoes, tossing them in a baking pan, and laying 3 strips of thick cut bacon over the top. Covered it with foil and baked until the potatoes were fork-tender (45 minutes or so). The bacon grease soaks into the potatoes and mmmmmm...


Other-Husband made deep fried clam strips and tater tots, which were delicious.

Vegetables? What are those??

So, what did/will youall have for dinner?

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