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What's for Dinner, GT?

For me, meat paste (some beef that my mom way oversalted, mixed with sour cream, lots of cracked black pepper, and a bit of red wine vinegar), and a shaved salad, AKA I don't know what the fuck to do salad. My co-worker brought in many golden zucchini, and funny little cucumbers (ok ok, weirdly shaped ones. You have no idea). So I cubed the cucumbers, and shaved the zucchini, tossed everything with the vinegar and salt, heated chopped garlic in olive oil, and added the vaguely garlic flavored oil to everything. Oh, and added corn. THIS GON BE WEIRD.

So probably meat paste on toasted hot dog buns, and What The Fuck Am I Doing salad. My human is eating leftovers, and I might make him some ramen. Maybe. If he's nice.

What is everyone else having, that I may vicariously live through thee?

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