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What's for dinner out in GTland?

So, I was trying to be all frugal and make beans from scratch, and it was a terrible mistake. I did everything you're supposed to do, soaked the dry beans and all that. They are hard and sandy-textured and taste fine but just feel gross. I will be sticking with canned beans from now on. Screw it. It's not saving money if you have to throw it out!

So yeah, dinner was abruptly changed to include "whatever you can find in the fridge and pantry". One kid had 4 hotdogs, one had frosted mini-wheats and milk (separately), one had a bag of plain microwave popcorn with Romano cheese, and my youngest made himself a plate of Kalamata olives, sliced green pepper with Catalina dressing, a handful of gf/df "funyuns", and a cinnamon rice cake.


Me? I'm spoiled, because my Other-Mother-in-law is home, and wanted Taco Bell. Other-Husband and I went to go pick it up, so she bought us dinner, too. I got a Dorito's Nacho Taco Supreme, a Five Layer Burrito, a Black Cherry Freeze (slushie drink thingie), and... Cinnabon bites which are cinnamon sugar coated dough balls, filled with a not-too-sweet frosting. OMG those cinnamon things gave me a mouth-gasm. Holy wow. I had to restrain myself from begging O-M to let us go back and get another dozen or so (you get 4 in a pack, and O-H and I split them.)

What'd youall do (or will you be doing) for dinner? And if you know how i screwed up the beans, by all means share!

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