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Welcome To The Bitchery

What's for dinner? possibly food poisoning, but probably not.

ETA: Shout out to HoneySmacks! She is the “what’s for dinner” Queen :)

I have a 2 lb London Broil that never made it onto the grill over the holiday weekend. The expiration was on Sunday, but I just did the “sniff test” and it seems okay. Usually, I use expirations as a suggestion. Plus, I HATE wasting food.


So, I’m gonna grill it. I stab it all over with a fork, rub garlic olive oil & coarse sea salt on both sides and then let it sit for 20 minutes. I’m also going to boil whole potatoes and a couple of eggs. Hot boiled potatoes & broccoli as the sides tonight. Tomorrow I’ll make eggy~potato salad with the left overs because I love potato salad. That, and cold sliced beef will be dinner tomorrow.

What are you making for dinner? Do you do the sniff test, too, or are you strict with expiration dates?

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