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What's getting you through the day?

I have a day full of professional development and, due to some creative scheduling, I’m currently in the middle of a THREE HOUR BREAK between meetings. Then, I get to go to two more hours of meetings! HOORAAAAYYY! :|

Anyway, I’m focusing on the plan for tonight to get me through:

—I’m getting a haircut and brow wax as I haven’t gotten either all summer and I need to look like a human and not an Italian Sasquatch come Mon.


—I’m going to try to talk Homey into a bikeride...

—...to the library!!

—And dinner downtown. We have a newish Cuban restaurant that I’ve never tried because I’m not sure what veggie options they’ll have but it’s worth a peek at the menu. If that doesn’t work, there’s always the market with the wood-fired pizza and cupcakes... :D

How about you, GT? What’s getting you through your day?

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