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Welcome To The Bitchery
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What's Goin ' Good Today, GT? (And OT)

Howdy all, i feel like i gotta share, or i might just burst😄

Today was a pretty solidly positive day here, starting from work this morning.

So after work, because it was still early, I decided to stop by International Market Square (http://imsdesigncenter.com/). I knew that—at least years ago, they had area back by the loading docks where the design firms would put extra/old fabric, flooring, tile, wallpaper, and carpet samples they didn’t want anymore. And it used to be free for either teachers to take things, or students (mostly college folks), who needed stuff for classes/projects.


If they still had it, I wanted to try & get some different textured things so that I can make some “Feely Boards” for the little dudes in our classroom, ‘cuz a couple really explore the world through their sense of touch.

I asked the VERY nice lady at the front desk if they still had it, and she directed me to the correct hallway..... and guys, I SCORED!!!


I was hoping for maaaaybe up to 15-20 different things I could use....

And the sample shelf was SO FULL, there was stuff leaning against it AND in a BIG box on the floor!!!


I got the equivalent of 2 GIANT grocery bags’ worth, and when I walked away, it still looked like I hadn’t touched it😨😄😉

Guys there were SO MANY awesome textured things! Fabric samples, wallpaper samples, carpet samples, leather samples—and all of them FREE!


I can make Feely-things* for my little dudes, and share them with the other classrooms, too! There were SO MANY awesome textures!!!

It kinda felt like being a kid myself, getting brought to a place with tons of craft supplies, and getting told, “use whatever you’d like!”



So, GT— What’s good with YOU today?😊

*i’m gonna make the boards I was expecting, but also some books, and when I’m down to little scrappy bits, I can sew those onto some canvas/heavy fabric, to make a rug for our “always barefoot” kiddos to walk on—to get even more sensory input!

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