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So my baby sister just graduated college in May. She is a fabulous young lady who, like her older sister before her, wants to move to NYC with her boyfriend. I support this!... in theory...


Little Sis has no job and a few thousand in the bank (nothing to sneeze at...but nothing that will last you very long in New York). Neither does her boyfriend, who has less in the bank. She is determined only to live in "hip" Brooklyn. She will not look at cheaper neighborhoods or Queens. She recently posted this on FB...

Got a reply on our dream apartment! 3 bedroom penthouse at the Bedford Ave stop on the L, rooftop, private balcony, laundry on site... Keep your fingers crossed for me!

When Monsieur asked what the rent was, she replied "$1,500! So $750 each!"


To put this in perspective for non-New Yorkers: my first apartment in NY a 1 bedroom in decidedly UNhip Washington Heights and I paid $1,200/month... that went up by 3% the next year.


You guys: how do I tell her to get more practical without being a bitch about it? I've been trying to do it in a positive way "You know: Astoria is really cool." but I'm not really getting through.

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