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Have we talked about this?

I feel like I am not at all the appropriate person to talk about it. But she was amazing and heart breaking. And the documentary is trying to portray her as mentally unstable. She seems like she is a strong person who has things to say and is reacting to being constricted in almost every way possible.

Please, let this priveleged white woman know that she is not fetishsizing a culture for loving Nina Simone for her soul, but not trying to relate to her identification with slave culture. Nina had bravery, honesty, soul and talent, and should be recognized for it. And it seems like she was suffering from undiagnosed depression and her family resented her for it. The one failing of the documentary is that if she was bipolar, it wasn’t convincingly portrayed. It seems like people reacting negatively to a woman with opinions.. It’s all people talking about how they prevented her from acting out and basically drugging her. Fuckin’ controlling men.


And all of the recordings I’ve heard of her have apparently been sanitized to the point where the soul was lost.

She is amazing in this documentary. Everyone should watch it.

Nina always and forever.

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