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While the name in question isn't my personal moniker this is still a personal issue for me. I worked for a facility where I was address by my surname because my(primarily white) coworkers and supervisors refused learn my first name properly. They would look in my direction while garbled syllables fell from their mouths like stones. Their half ass attempt was enough to warrant my attention in their eyes. I mean they tried didn't they? That's all that matters, and if that wasn't enough then the apologetic grin should more than make up for the social infraction.

My name was a symbol of my Blackness and as such brought forth all the negative connotations associated with it. Don't get me wrong, the people at my job were Good People(TM). I'm a Good Person(TM). And sorry to break it to you dear reader but you're a Good Person(TM) too. We all occupy this mad mudball and we all drink from the same poisoned cup of a racist patriarchy. It was force fed to us since we came out of the womb and burrows deep into our psyche. It softly bubbles in our subconscious, influencing our inner most thoughts. Now the white supremacist ideals has changed. Don't get me wrong, the amount of humanity afforded to you is still inversely proportional to the darkness of your skin. Its just that pseudo-scientific nonsense will no longer be sprouted off to prove that you're biologically inferior. Now you're just culturally inferior. The further your culture deviates from the perceived standard(WASP) philosophy the less respectability you have.


If this person didn't have a subscription to White Supremacy Weekly, then they'd do their research. They'd then find out that Laquisha is a variant form of Lakeisha. The prefix la comes from the french and came into common use for names among free people of color in Louisiana and spread among African Americans. The root Aisha comes either from the Arabic word for alive or the Swahili word for favourite one. I would also like to take this time to point out the problematic language that comes out. When in utero the baby is a child, once the girl is birthed and deviates from the expected norm, she's reduced to an it. Also, note the implications about the mother. The mother went through all the hardships of carrying a child and birthing it, but she's too stupid/incompetent/uncultured/Other to name her daughter properly.

Its no coincidence that if you google Lakeisha almost half of the images in the first two rows have negative implications. Two of the pictures are mugshots and the other five are sexualized*. Now google one of the most popular American female names, Mary. Zero negative pictures. How about Patricia? One sexual* image. Elizabeth, long live the queen but still nothing remotely offensive. You can continue down the top 10 and not find anything as severe.

The only difference between injustice of yesteryear and today is the methodology. The fact remains that the humanity is stripped away from people.

ETA: I forgot to put the addendum that the asterisk indicated. That was there because I wanted to clarify that a woman of any color expressing her sexuality but in the case of a black woman, its assumed to be inherent.

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