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What's in your bags?

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What do you have in your regular bag? If you have a secondary GTFO bag, what do you have in that? Tell me about the contents of your satchels!


In my regular purse right now I have

  1. my wallet
  2. glasses
  3. glasses repair kit
  4. eylash curler (because I can't use my glasses without curling my lashes)
  5. lip balm
  6. grapefruit juice
  7. cough drops
  8. tea
  9. hair ties
  10. bobby pins
  11. Advil
  12. gum
  13. a notebook
  14. two pens (so I always find one)
  15. Shout wipes

In my GTFO bag I have

  1. basic first aid kit
  2. battery charger
  3. water bottle with a built in filter
  4. Swiss Army knife
  5. clean change of clothes (nothing fancy - a t shirt, cotton pants, clean underwear, a sports bra)
  6. my old ipod filled with content
  7. flashlight
  8. lighter
  9. small tupperware for dog food (technically this is part of my dog's carrying bag, but it counts)
  10. granola bars and protein bars

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