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Welcome To The Bitchery

Not your purse: your kit/box/whatever in your house or car for in case of an emergency or natural disaster. I realized that I am completely unprepared for a disaster where I live now. We always assume everything will always be fine, but these things can happen to anyone. We could get snowed in, hit by a hurricane, we had a tornado warning a couple weeks ago!

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I looked up the FEMA recommendations, but I'm interested if anyone has an emergency kit at home and what they thought was important to have in it. I can't afford to buy everything right now, but I figure that buying one or two things every couple weeks will get me a decent stash.

As of today I have a sleeping bag, a gallon of drinking water, and enough food for myself for a day and a can opener. It's a start! Especially since those pre-made packs are fucking expensive! Anyway, what do you think you'd need to hunker down if shit happens?

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