I refuse to believe that I'm the only person that has this closet.

It's the closet with a pile of stuff that you completely convinced yourself you'd get into, invested money in so that you couldn't back out of it, and then maybe tried it for a few weeks to a month before moving on. You still look at the stuff you purchased and tell yourself, "I need to keep that, someday I'm going to get back into it!" But that day never comes. You consider trying to sell it, but you just can't let go of the idea that you'll go back to it eventually! "I still need this Cricut, guyz! I am totally going to get into scrapbooking!"

This post brought to you by my pretty white vintage Riedell roller skates with barely used shiny red wheels. I went a few times, busted my tailbone, and I've been afraid to use them again ever since.