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What's (not) Cookin'?

I’m sick of cooking today, but I will probably be fine with it tomorrow. Waiting on an injured Mr. 4th is really okay with me & he appreciates it. He can sense (about every 4 or 5th day) when I’m getting tired so once in a while will hug me and say, “Let’s have pizza night!” and give me his debit card. Gawd, that is music to my soul:)

Today I’m just throwing together some food that needs no cooking. Delicious bread, some brie cheese & stuffed giant olives and a salad. I bought some honey~crisp apples (my favorite!) & pears, too. I’ve got the blue cheese salad dressing on its’ head because it is barely one more serving:)


What are you NOT cooking? What ARE you cooking? What are your favorite No~Cook Dinners?

I consider the grill outside a good no~indoor~cooking option:)

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