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What's on the menu?

I’ve been trying to get better at meal planning lately so I can do smart stuff like buy a whole chicken to break down and use all its components throughout the week instead of buying pre-processed parts. So far, a $5 chicken has combined with on-hand staples to give us Caesar salad with grilled chicken breasts; a gallon of chicken stock; roasted legs and thighs shredded into avgolemono soup made with half the stock; and tonight will finish off the stock with a potato leek soup. I’m going to pick up some prosciutto to grill with manchego and green apple on some good sourdough, so I should plan on using the rest of it later this week. Maybe some roasted Brussels sprouts with prosciutto and lemon. What sounds good with that, though? Kiddo doesn’t care for pork, and may be burned out on chicken.

Anyway, what’s on your plates this week? Anything fun? New recipes you’re excited about?


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