Did not frame this correctly

At this point the pollen isn't the main problem anymore, and though I am so grateful for your allergy tips, my docs have done a lot and I'm still symptomatic. So I'm really looking for help on coping with the isolation and boredom as spring follows a very long winter and stretches on.

I planned my wedding (it's a year away), put stuff on eBay (link available to anyone who wants to peruse my closet castaways!), and read as much as I can considering the steroid induced ADD. (TV presents a similar problem.)

Anyway, thanks for listening all, and yes, I'm putting that gif up, even though it's so ironic because she's bored outside.

What's outside?

Sigh. Pollen, and an absolutely beautiful day. I'm stuck inside and as I've written on here time and again I'm so tired of it. Not even my new engagement (!) and upcoming visits from siblings and fiancé can get me out of the dumps when I have spend nights and weekends by myself.

It eventually just makes you depressed to feel sick all the time, and I'm partially battling that now. As for the sick part my new insurance doesn't cover a miracle drug that made last year a lot easier.

Who has tips? I know a lot of people on here deal with depression or chronic illness. Trying to read some when I'm not too tired, but any suggestions or commiseration appreciated.