Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

If you guessed the oppression olympics, YOU GUESSED RIGHT!


He's like the Woody Allen of science. His work is great, but the rest of him...not so much.

Please let me know when the atheist community stops worshipping this piece of shit.


Here's some more of Richard Dawkin's greatest moments:

Dear Muslima

Stop whining, will you. Yes, yes, I know you had your genitals mutilated with a razor blade, and … yawn … don't tell me yet again, I know you aren't allowed to drive a car, and you can't leave the house without a male relative, and your husband is allowed to beat you, and you'll be stoned to death if you commit adultery. But stop whining, will you. Think of the suffering your poor American sisters have to put up with.

Only this week I heard of one, she calls herself Skep"chick", and do you know what happened to her? A man in a hotel elevator invited her back to his room for coffee. I am not exaggerating. He really did. He invited her back to his room for coffee. Of course she said no, and of course he didn't lay a finger on her, but even so …

And you, Muslima, think you have misogyny to complain about! For goodness sake grow up, or at least grow a thicker skin.


Dear Richard,

Stop whining, will you. Your white male privilege is showing.

Much Love,



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