I’ve put our Etsy shop on vacation for a few weeks so we can start prepping for holiday, and it is the BEST feeling! I don’t know how or why customers there get under my skin so much, but they do. SO DEEP UNDER MY SKIN.

Fellow etsyers and crafters, what are you doing this holiday season? What projects are you working on? Anything special you do to prepare for the Etsy rush? Any craft fairs planned? We decided not to do any fairs this year, because we want to do a bunch of them next year. Table fees and the mental drain add up, yo.

In the meantime, one of my only friends at work has a little girl turning 6 next week. They have a fairy door in her bedroom closet, and my friend will leave “fairy evidence” around the house that the kids get a kick out of. I made this yesterday to send to her with some other little fun things.


ETA: Any Ohioans going to Christmas in the Woods?