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What's Some Stuff You Did This Year?

So the end of 2013 is nigh... and in retrospect, I realize that I've done a whole lot of shit this year. Lets all list some of the most significant stuff that we did/lived through in 2013. I'll go first!

In chronological order...

  • I started a moderately successful Etsy shop.
  • I went to South America for the first time.
  • I moved from Manhattan to Brooklyn, ever-nearing the completion of my transformation into a living, breathing hipster stereotype.
  • I did not quit my old job and start a new one for the first time in years.
  • I was accepted by/started a graduate program that I didn't think I could get into.
  • I designed more stuff than I've ever before designed in a single year.
  • I saw my work get some actual attention, first on the Tumblrs and eventually on fairly well-known online publications/blogs like The Huffington Post and here on Jez.
  • I broke up with someone for the first time.
  • I've seen various family/friends who I've known for a long time go to jail, get very sick and recover from cancer.
  • I took an actual vacation.
  • I made a lot of new friends.

Things I did not do this year:

  • Get a sufficient amount of sleep. Oh well.

Your turn!

P.S. I googled 'ball drop animated gif' because I wanted to include a link of the Times Square ball dropping on New Year's Eve and instead I got this. So... enjoy.


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