Last weekend, two of my friends (one from Australia, one a former coworker of mine when I worked at the Yankees, both live in New York) made the trek down to New Haven for a weekend of bacchanal fun. Before they drove back, I asked them:
"Do you have everything? Check before you go."

They assured me that they did. Of course, I get a frantic phone call 2 hours later, from one my friends, saying that he left his suitcase, with a myriad of important things in it. He has a weekend trip on Saturday, and really needs it, etc.

Because it's the right thing to do, I offer to take the train to New York on Wednesday (yesterday) after work to give it back to him. This was after working a full shift at my job, getting my Grandfather lunch, getting a dog sitter for my pack of terriers, and having class. It's about a 4 hour round trip. I had class the next morning, so I literally went to the city, dropped off the bag, had a couple cocktails with my friend at "The Dead Rabbit" (We got to cut the queue and got $20 off of our bill because I have a "Gangs Of New York" themed tattoo on my belly, and told the bouncer about it, even though I was dressed like a total scrub, SWEET, TAKE THAT FI-DI) and went back to New Haven. But he's my friend, and it's the right thing to do! My Mom says that I'm crazy, as I was on the train longer than I was in NYC.

GT, what have you done for a friend, that others might consider "crazy?"

Here's my friend and I mean-mugging on the Subway last night, on the train back to Grand Central :