So, I was reading over on Gawker about the whole 3D printed gun thing, and the discussion turned to the noble and historical homemade shotgun. As you can see, the concept and design are pretty fucking simple, and the relatively low pressure of a 12 gauge buckshot round makes it somewhat safe. They're pretty popular worldwide, and I hear that protestors in Egypt are constantly blasting them at each other and the riot police.

Here in the States, they tend to appeal to a certain type of person. What does it say about me that I'm apparently one of those people? Maybe it's because I woke and baked, but I actually started toying with the idea of building one myself, and turned to YouTube for research purposes.

Fortunately, this video completely distracted me because NO NECK NO NECK NO NECK OH MY GOD THAT MAN HAS NO NECK. Holy mackerel, I've never seen anything like it.