Does anyone else have this? Regretting not purchasing something when you could have swung it but you talked yourself out of buying it?

I have this thing where, having grown up without money to splurge on things like new-bought clothes or other indulgences, I have a hard time convincing myself to splash out and treat myself. Particularly when it comes to new clothes that I love, even if they’re reasonable. So, I’m just back from a half-business, half-for-fun trip to a city that has pretty great shopping as far as I’m concerned. (This says a lot. I generally hate shopping, and only part of it is the anxiety of spending money that my back brain keeps telling me I shouldn’t be spending.) Among other things, it has full shoe stores of good quality shoe brands that actually fit my impossible feet. I’d been planning on shopping, and came prepared to splash out. Which was great. I actually got a decent amount of lovely stuff that I will get good wear out of, and I don’t regret a single purchase. (I bought three pairs of shoes! There were boots that not only fit my calves but that I can wear over jeans! This one shop actually had a belt-bag / pouch that looks stylish and not like I forgot to remove LARPing gear . . . I told you I’m bringing back the external pocket!) But this one top, I had a choice of two colors. I went for the one I liked a bit better, and I’m wearing it for the first time since I bought it today. It’s so lovely and comfortable, I really wish I’d bought it in both colors. It wouldn’t have been frivolous at all, and I could have afforded it. I wasn’t even being frugal and I regret being frugal!