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There are a lot of great tips out there, but really, some of these I just roll my eyes at. My least favorites are the ones like this:

Make a quotidian ritual of scanning each room for items that aren’t where they should be, and moving each one back to its allotted space. Doing so on a daily basis for a mere five minutes is much simpler than allowing clutter to accumulate.

I truly do not believe this. Let’s say that every day, one thing from my kitchen ends up in my living room. I can either take five minutes every day to walk the two things back to the kitchen, OR I can wait and once a week, take five minutes and just take EVERYTHING back to my kitchen at once and make one trip. It’s probably not even 7 things, because I’m probably also wasting time bringing some things back to the living room each day. It’s just not efficient. (this is from Martha Stewart who I love as a goddess but we disagree with on this)


I also have found that the advice (I believe it is Dave Ramsey) about taking out X amount of cash every month for each expense and putting it in envelopes is incredibly unhelpful. You know what I lose? Cash. You know what I can’t do with all of my life? constantly count bills and change to see how much I have left over and keep track of all my change.

What I CAN do is know how much is in my account, and subtract totals in my head as needed, and check my stupid app on my phone any time I want. It is so much easier for me to keep track of my budget looking at what is actually in my account.

What say you, GT? What advice is commonly passed around that you find just silly, or completely pointless IRL even though it sounds in theory like it’s good?

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