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What's the stupidest thing you cried over as a teenager?

Like many of you, I have gleaned a lot of delicious joy over the billion videos teenagers keep posting of themselves crying over Zayn leaving One Direction. And while I shall continue to bathe in the tears of overdramatic teenagers, I realized a few minutes ago that I was probably just as ridiculous back when I was a teenager, except fortunate enough to not have social media to embarrass me.

For instance, when I was fourteen I sobbed my fucking face off when Aeris died in FFVII. IN MY DEFENSE this was back when you could name characters anything you wanted, and I named her after me. I wanted to be in that video game. When she died, it felt personal as fuck. Or maybe I was just a stupid angsty teenager taking shit too seriously.

I'm so glad no one filmed me.

Oh god. I just remembered I also cried over the Bonsai Kitty prank because I thought it was real. *facepalm*


So GT, what stupid things did you cry over when you guys were teenagers?

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