Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I found a mystery video on my phone earlier, and when I played it back, it's just my housemate and I talking about sweet potato and lentil soup for a full minute.

I have no idea how this video was accidentally recorded, or what we were doing specifically - I couldn't even tell you which person speaking was her and which was me (I didn't realise that our voices were quite so similar) - but in a very silly way, I'm pleased it exists.


Some choice quotes:
"Oooh, lentil and sweet potato!" "Two of our favourite things!" "I know!!"
"What kind of lentils would you use?"
"I really don't like puy lentils, they're overrated." (that one I know is my housemate, I fucking love puy lentils)

It's a small thing but it's cheered me up today.

How're your Mondays going?

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