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What's the Worst Thing You Overheard at Work Today?

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Some of you may remember my OK Cupid co-worker. Here's his daily gem:

"The Seahawks are the most Christian team in the NFL. That's why we won. We have more Christians than any other NFL team. We're unstoppable."


Also, a fun extra:

My other co-worker, whom I've ranted about before as well (he likes to throw people under the bus to make himself look better because he doesn't actually do his job) was taking a long time assisting one of the people who report to us who had some questions. A line had begun to form of people waiting to ask him a question because it was his scheduled time to serve as support. Mine wasn't for a couple of hours, but I decided — out of kindness, because people were waiting — to help out and answer some questions.


Do I get a thank you? No.

He laughs and says, "Yeah, you can all just go to my secretary if I'm busy."

I'm more senior than he is. I've been in this role longer. And I was doing him a fucking favor.



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