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What's up for Valentine's Day, friends?

I have a long, long history of shitty, mediocre, and disappointing Valentine's Days. This happens for a variety of reasons, but mostly in my past I have been really big on being too cool and 'not caring' and 'I'm not into this holiday' but then the day comes and I get swept up in all the pink and gush that all of a sudden I am.... sad. Because I was super insistent on nothing happened and then nothing happened. Oops.

Last year I changed my tune and finally admitted that I generally like silly holidays, especially ones that can center on baked goods, and both showing and receiving a lil appreciation. On Valentine's day my then-boyfriend made a huuuge deal about cooking me dinner (which ended up being more about him patting himself on the back and me getting a wayy overcooked steak and a salad) but couldn't get out of work till 9 so I didn't eat until about 10. I was already feeling frustrated with him at that time (due to a myriad of other things) and when he said he wasn't getting out of work til late, I asked one of my coworkers if he wanted to grab a drink while I waited for him.

That coworker is now the boyfriend I am spending this Valentine's day with. He really enjoys this story. - in his head this time last year our love really 'blossomed.' It didn't happen for me until way later but, hey, I'm not going to crush his spirits on this one :) This weekend we are going to a b&b/spa in the countrayy and going snow tubing/ice skating/getting a couples massage. I am so excited! But mostly, I really don't want to let any expectations get in the way of me enjoying this. Just the fact that we are going to me feels like such a special treat... I seriously feel like a litte kid about it :)


So what are you doing? Any cute stories, or single ladies planning to have a wile night out, or new relationship anxiety???

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